Ellie Anna: 10 Month

While I love taking posed pictures of Ellie, my absolute favorites are the candid ones that will later on remind me of that particular time in her life. We’ve been house-bound the past couple of months due to the flu and rsv epidemic, so our days are filled with reading books, snuggling, and Curious George 🐵  With Ellie’s health issues, she just can’t get the flu or we would be back to square one. So far, she’s stayed well, and we’re praying it continues! These pictures pretty much sum up month 10, and what Ellie’s been up to!

Not sure what it is about Pat the Bunny, but if she gets her tiny hands on it, she has to take a bite! 💕

We love bathtime!

These two pictures instantly remind me of our time indoors…boring and lonely at times, but so worth keeping her well!

Hasn’t figured out how to crawl forward yet, but we sure can scoot backwards quickly!

We bought a new quilt for the guest room from Pottery Barn and had to try it out! I love the slightly vintage look of these pictures. I also had magnets made at MPix. They are so happy and fun!

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